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Critic Consensus: Guy Pearce does the best he can with what he's given, but Lockout is ultimately too derivative and shallow to build on the many sci-fi thrillers it borrows from.

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Starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future, Lockout follows a falsely convicted ex-government agent (Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President's daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at an outer space maximum-security prison. Lockout was directed by Stephen St. Leger and James Mather from their script co-written with Luc Besson, who is also a producer. Peter Stormare co-stars. -- (C) Open Roadmore
Rating: PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and action, and language including some sexual references.)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: , ,
Written By: James Mather, Stephen Saint Leger, Luc Besson, Stephen St. Leger
In Theaters:
On DVD: Jul 17, 2012
Box Office: $14.3M
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Guy Pearce
as Agent Snow
Maggie Grace
as Emilie Warnock
Joe Gilgun
as Hydell
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At the screening, in between laughing fits, people around me whispered, in awed tones, "B movie, 1956."

Full Review… | April 23, 2012
New Yorker
Top Critic

They don't make 'em like this anymore, except when they do and you remember why they stopped. Daft, but broadly enjoyable if you're in a charitable mood.

Full Review… | March 4, 2013

Lean, fun, smart without overthinking things and always equipped with a one-liner, Lockout is refreshingly free of the bull**** that plagues so many genre films.

November 5, 2012
Projection Booth

Lockout succeeds as a result of Pearce - who delivers an enjoyable, albeit snide, performance as a government agent turned one-man-army.

Full Review… | September 27, 2012

While Lockout matches Luc Besson's other film projects in its devotion to being nothing more than a slick, uncomplicated spectacle, the film's ridiculously botched execution and lazy action sequences make it ultimately fall short.

Full Review… | September 15, 2012
We Got This Covered

[Seems] like the kind of exciting low-concept action schlock that producer Luc Besson could have engineered in his sleep. Maybe he had indigestion that night.

Full Review… | August 22, 2012

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Luc Besson penned and produced this actioner that's motto could be "if you liked it in another film we'll do it, too, but more". Which is not bad. Not necessarily. No.
Okay, okay, I lied. It gets old once you figure out the plan. So sit back and amuse yourself guessing what film they borrowed what bit from.
Nonetheless Guy Pearce is always good (they begin the film with him falling off a many storied building. .. and getting up and walking away, let me know what the believability quotient was going to be for the rest of the film right off the bat). Spoiler alert (like it matters): there are two, count 'em, two black guys in the whole film, grains of pepper in a sea of salt. Guess who the bad guys are?
Peter Stormare , one of my favs, phones in his part.

Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer


An instant classic. It`s Escape From New York in space, a film with lots of ideas and great homages to other pictures. A spectacular and pulse-pounding great-time at the movies. It`s slick, wickedly funny and loaded with eye-popping action. A non-stop, action-packed adrenaline-rush from start to finish. An explosive tour de force of fun that just dosent let up for a minute. Writer-Producer, Luc Besson does it again, delivering another compelling action film filled great characters, villains and a fun story. A great cast of stars deliver nothing but strength and fun to their roles. Guy Pearce is fantastic, he`s sharp, funny, cool and just plain awesome. Pearce is a charismatic and wickedly enjoyable action hero that you would not expect from his fierce and strong dramatic roles. Maggie Grace is excellent. Vincent Regan is outstanding. It`s smart, thrilling and tremendously entertaining. A pure roller-coaster ride that delivers 100% of excitement. A great movie. I loved it.

Al S

Super Reviewer


Over the years in which they've been churned out i've grown a weird fondness towards Luc Besson's exploitation B-Movie production stable. Though they have always prefered to carry plots free of realism and logic. Boasting scripts filled to the brim with stereotypical action wise cracks. At first, it was never necessarily a bad thing for me. I absolutely loved the Liam Neeson revenge flick Taken and i've always had a soft spot for The Transporter movies. I've always watched them with open minds and sometimes a good handful of his shlock can be enjoyed for cheesy pleasure despite their greatly unashamed stupidity. But what I can tell you, is that Lockout is not one of them. It's determination to be a deadly serious sci-fi thriller allows it to forget what it was that made so many other films in the area in which it exists so fun, and in equal measure how ridiculous the plot is. Guy Pearce's central performance lacks the strange charm of Jason Statham and Liam Neeson as unlikely hero's in Besson produced action vehicles. I also never found myself sympathising for Pearce's character, neither did I find his one-liners funny enough to maintain a witty script. He sort of attempts at Bruce Willis in Die Hard, it's easy to credit him for an attempt but alas the payoff is weak. The storyline itself is essentially "Con Space". It mashes up movies like Con Air with various plot points stolen from Die Hard and Assault on Precinct 13. But to little positive effect. Rather than taking inspiration from something great, it just ends up looking like an incredibly cheesy rip off. It also lacks the fun non-sensical action sequences seen in most Luc Besson fare. Honestly he produces stuff like this in his sleep, but somewhere in Lockout he must have slipped up. It doesn't help that the CGI is unconvincing which is necessary for this kind of movie. Plus the gag it builds a film around runs out of steam after the first 40 minutes or so. The bottom line is that although it's visually stylish, has worthwhile bad performances and tries to do something different it ends up being a lot less fun than it should be. I suppose when you start realising the logical flaws in a film about a heavily guarded prison overlooking the Earth you know the cheesy fun isn't going to start kicking in any time soon.

Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer

Lockout (Unrated) Quotes

Emilie Warnock: So what do I call you?
Snow: You know what, don't call me.
– Submitted by William C (3 years ago)
Agent Snow: Shhh!
Emilie Warnock: Did you hear something?
Agent Snow: No, I'm just enjoying the silence.
– Submitted by Michelle A (3 years ago)
Agent Snow: Shush. Don't saying anything.
Emilie Warnock: What, do you hear something?
Agent Snow: No, I just wanted you to be quiet for a second.
– Submitted by John M (3 years ago)
Emilie Warnock: What's that?
Agent Snow: It's to stop the bleeding, and hopefully the talking.
– Submitted by John M (3 years ago)

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