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Mirror Mirror (2012)


Average Rating: 5.6/10
Reviews Counted: 172
Fresh: 85
Rotten: 87

Critics Consensus: Like most of Tarsem Singh's films, Mirror Mirror is undeniably beautiful -- but its treatment of the age-old Snow White fable lacks enough depth or originality to set it apart from the countless other adaptations of the tale.

Average Rating: 5.2/10
Reviews Counted: 35
Fresh: 15
Rotten: 20

Critics Consensus: Like most of Tarsem Singh's films, Mirror Mirror is undeniably beautiful -- but its treatment of the age-old Snow White fable lacks enough depth or originality to set it apart from the countless other adaptations of the tale.


Average Rating: 3.1/5
User Ratings: 145,364


Movie Info

One of the most beloved stories of all time is coming to life in the motion picture event for the whole family, Mirror Mirror. A fresh and funny retelling of the Snow White legend, Mirror Mirror features breakout star Lily Collins as Snow White, a princess in exile, and Julia Roberts as the evil Queen who ruthlessly rules her captured kingdom. Seven courageous rebel dwarfs join forces with Snow White as she fights to reclaim her birthright and win her Prince in this magical comedy filled with … More

PG (for some fantasy action and mild rude humor)
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By:
Melisa Wallack , Jason Keller , Marc Klein
In Theaters:
Jun 26, 2012
Box Office:
Relativity Media - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Mirror Mirror

All Critics (173) | Top Critics (35) | Fresh (85) | Rotten (87) | DVD (4)

'Mirror Mirror' is as gaudily spectacular as you expect if you've seen director Tarsem Singh's films, 'The Fall' and 'Immortals'.

Full Review… | April 3, 2012
Time Out
Top Critic

'Mirror, Mirror' is a trippy version of the Snow White story.

Full Review… | March 31, 2012
Top Critic

Mirror Mirror is a film that's all picture and no propulsion, each scene static in a basic set-decoration color scheme of teabag and banana.

Full Review… | March 31, 2012
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

Here, the familiar tale is retold with concessions to feminist self-determination and camp humor, bending the Grimm Brothers' tale without infringing on its basic beauty.

Full Review… | March 30, 2012
Village Voice
Top Critic

Singh is much more skilled as a visual artist than a storyteller, and his artistic fortunes seem to rise and fall with the inspiration of his screenwriters. In this case he's lucked out.

Full Review… | March 30, 2012
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

Who wants to see a fairy tale that weighs a ton? Mirror Mirror reflects badly on everyone involved.

Full Review… | March 30, 2012
Rolling Stone
Top Critic

You can only disappoint your fans so often before they turn and run in droves. Just ask Roberts' close friend, Mel Gibson.

Full Review… | May 26, 2013
The Patriot Ledger

Mirror Mirror features over-indulgent story moments and, at times, hammy performances but still delivers a mostly fun riff on the Snow White story.

Full Review… | September 27, 2012

While it may not be as memorable as his other good projects, Singh has delivered a film that should delight audiences of all ages because of the timelessness of the story and the spin the writers have put on it.

Full Review… | September 16, 2012

Mirror Mirror is an aesthetically fantastical yet ultimately tedious film that may occasionally please the tots in the audience. However, it will leave adults far less enchanted.

Full Review… | September 15, 2012
We Got This Covered

The tone is campy and fun, although Roberts is better with the lighthearted dark comedy side of her role. Still, the script is light and witty, poking a lot of fun at itself and the visual artistry is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Full Review… | September 4, 2012

Mirror Mirror is not a travesty. It's missing something though. The whole film plays like a Muppet movie with the actual Muppets cut out.

Full Review… | August 22, 2012

The ill fit between Mirror Mirror's screenplay and its director's sensibilities dooms the comedic fairy tale from the outset.

Full Review… | August 17, 2012
Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema

It's never clear what "Mirror Mirror" is saying about the Snow White legend, or about fairy tales in general. It feels like a narrative without a story.

Full Review… | June 27, 2012
Movie Metropolis

The Queen sees herself in the magic mirror which is a nice twist. But it's a slightly altered version of herself. The movie is like that, too -just a little bit off while trying hard to be "on":

Full Review… | June 22, 2012
Film Experience

A sweet and endearing take on the Snow White story buoyed by solid performances with one exception: Julia Roberts.

Full Review… | June 13, 2012
Cinema Sight

a lush and ravishing rethinking of the Snow White story with both an old-fashioned feel and a modern sensibility

Full Review… | May 2, 2012
Killer Movie Reviews

This film was a relief to watch after Singh's bungled action spectacle last year, and while it isn't as good as The Fall, it does at least get him back on track.

Full Review… | April 30, 2012
Fan The Fire

An odd, but beautiful, interpretation of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Mirror Mirror" will leave some viewers enchanted and others scratching their heads.

Full Review… | April 21, 2012
Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)

For the extraordinarily gifted Tarsem, Mirror Mirror is a mere lark, but it's still everything Shrek wanted to be, and more.

April 20, 2012
Projection Booth

...a passable bit of kid-friendly entertainment.

Full Review… | April 20, 2012
Reel Film Reviews

There are exactly seven reasons to tolerate the beautiful artifice on display, but those are-ahem-little reasons, to be sure.

Full Review… | April 16, 2012
Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

... surprisingly sweet and charming ...

Full Review… | April 16, 2012
Sacramento News & Review

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not so funny, and sometimes it's excruciatingly un-funny.

Full Review… | April 16, 2012
American Profile

All production design, no wit

Full Review… | April 15, 2012
Movie Habit

The movie's greatest flaw may be its passive-aggressive approach to the Grimm brothers' tale. Timidity doesn't suit reinvention. But endings being so important, the movie finally puts the pieces together for an entertaining finale.

Full Review… | April 15, 2012
Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

Audience Reviews for Mirror Mirror

A charming, creative (and uneven) re-imagining of the Snow White tale. Entertaining performances by Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane. Julia Roberts was a disappointment, seeming to have dialed it in with the passion and skill of a high school drama teacher.

Christian C

Super Reviewer

Julia Roberts seems to be having a lot of fun in this amusing satire that plays with fairy tale clichés. Full of witty dialogue and with a solid script, this feminist vision of the classic story is much more inspired than Snow White and the Huntsman, even if not remarkable.

Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer

Snow White's story gets a pseudo-feminist re-boot, but much of the story remains intact.
I was ready to give this film three stars, a stretch for me because films like this are not my cup of tea, but the closing credits were scored by an auto-tuned, dance-club number that is, in the words of Super Reviewer Alice Shen, "half-Bollywood." I didn't even watch the full number. It was revolting.
I watched the film for its costume design, the category for which it's nominated, and the costumes and production design are indeed nomination-worthy. Lush, colorful schemes abound, and the film is a visual delight.
We all know the story. I have always contended that Snow White is coded racism and sexism; after all, the "fairest of the land" can be a synonym for "whitest," and Snow White is confined to domestic duties when she joins the dwarves. But when Snow eschews the Prince's help, she essentially deploys a feminist message, saying that she doesn't need a man to rescue her. I wish they had stuck with this, but the plot eventually proves that she does need rescuing. The film was so close to something unique.
All the performances are fine. Nathan Lane is Nathan Lane, and Julia Roberts is charmingly caddy. Lily Collins was there too.
Overall, this film had promise once upon a time.

Jim Hunter

Super Reviewer

Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is THE universal example of a childhood favorite. One who has not seen it at least twice before the age of eight is quite simply a poor excuse for a human being. It's too bad the year of its seventy-fifth anniversary happened to be the year Walt Disney Pictures went to hell. John Carter bombed enough to put chairman Rich Ross out of business; uproar began when the company acquired Lucasfilm and began diabolical plans for another Star Wars trilogy; etc. Only to top it off, an insult to their beloved classic, known as Mirror Mirror. Perhaps I'm the only one who seems to believe the double-talk title is an apt representation of the repetitive, obnoxious plot. Unfortunately, young children are the huge bull's eye to this film's schlocky sort of charm. If parents decide to raise their kids with this debacle, then perhaps December 21st (also the very day Snow White was released in 1937) will see the world's end.

Alexander Diminiano

Super Reviewer

Mirror Mirror Quotes

Charles Renbock:
There's, I'm in the same room as a prince crazy, and then there's good old fashioned plain traditional psycho crazy. I fear she's the latter.
– Submitted by Karen Y (22 months ago)
The Evil Queen:
Brighton, a word, please.
Yes, Your Majesty.
The Evil Queen:
Loose lips, sink ships.
Yes, indeed, Your Majesty. Exactly which ship would you like sunk?
The Evil Queen:
It's an expression, Brighton!
– Submitted by Karen Y (22 months ago)
The King:
You may now kiss the bride.
Prince Alcott:
Do I have to say please?
– Submitted by Karen Y (22 months ago)
Snow White:
'I'll go someplace far away where I can be safe from the queen but I know I will forever cherish our time together. Love, Snow.
– Submitted by Cty N (2 years ago)
Snow White:
Well, at least it doesn't cause you to lose your pants.. I mean, when I met you first, you weren't wearing pants.
Prince Alcott:
Snow White:
At least now you're dressed, 'up', like a bunny.
– Submitted by A K (2 years ago)
Grub, I left you a tall stack of pancakes on the stove.
I don't want pancakes, I want Snow!
– Submitted by Margaret G (2 years ago)

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